The Functional Nutrition Resources Blog | April 24, 2023

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Find Relief This Allergy Season with Tulsa Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine for Allergies: Holistic Allergy Treatments As anyone who suffers from allergies well knows, allergies can go from irritating to debilitating. You would do anything to eliminate them, but some allergy medications can leave you drowsy and never seem to fix the problem permanently. At Functional Nutrition Resources, we use functional medicine treatments to

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woman with lowered inflammation in tulsa

How Functional Medicine Can Lower Inflammation in Tulsa

How Functional Medicine Can Lower Inflammation in the Body   If there’s one common thread within most diseases, health conditions, and unpleasant symptoms, it’s inflammation. Hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, and gut issues can lead to runaway inflammation, leaving you feeling miserable. In this case, we’re talking about chronic inflammation, which can lead to achiness, fatigue,

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