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L-Glutamine and Exercise

L-glutamine is an amino acid found in protein-rich foods from animals and plants, and your body also naturally produces L-glutamine. L-glutamine is may be used by our nutritionist team in Tulsa, OK, to treat patients with leaky gut. It’s your body’s natural cell builder and, more importantly, your body’s cell re-builder. However, another critical part

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The Benefits of Collagen

Up until the age of around 35, your body will produce collagen on its own, but after this, the body slows down collagen production. By the age of 40, the collagen your body produces will be depleting faster than your body can reproduce it. By the time you reach 60, over half of your body’s

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The Benefits of Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium is one of the essential micronutrients involved in over 300 biochemical processes in the human body. Magnesium supports healthy bowels and bones, aids cognitive function, relaxes aching muscles, and supports cardiovascular health. It also supports a relaxed and calm mood which is essential when getting a good night’s sleep. Our functional medicine team in

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What is Leaky Gut and How Can You Heal It?

Many factors can lead to a leaky gut. These include a poor diet, chemicals used in our food supply, over-reliance on antibiotics, steroids, and more. One way to find out if you have a leaky gut is to do a functional stool analysis to assess your gut health. Bear in mind that a leaky gut

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Health Benefits of Turmeric - nutritionist Tulsa

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is a root grown in India and, until recently, has been used as a cooking spice in the West. Yet, it has a long history of effectiveness in eastern medicine for medical treatments such as wounds, acne, inflammation, colds, and UTIs. It has gained popularity globally because of its various health benefits. It has

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How To Attack Anxiety And Depression Naturally

Many who suffer from anxiety and depression take medication to relieve their pain. Doctors may prescribe antidepressants, tranquilizers and sleeping tablets for your condition. But at Functional Nutrition Resources in Tulsa, OK, we believe that there are healthier alternatives that can be used in attacking anxiety and depression. Exercise for anxiety and depression Exercise is

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Symptoms Of Anxiety

Everybody experiences symptoms of anxiety from time to time. Getting married, going to a job interview, and the loss of a loved one can all cause anxious feelings in all of us. Then there are those of us who experience anxious feelings on a frequent or constant basis. There are also those of us whose

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Myths And Facts About Boosting Your Immune System

Boosting your immune system is one of the key strategies for safeguarding your health, aging more gracefully, and preventing chronic illnesses. While there is a lot of faulty health advice out there (much of it not based on science or fact) in this blog we’ll bust a few myths. We will share what we know

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stress and your immune system

What Stress Does To Your Immune System

Stress is a normal part of modern daily life, but most people are not aware of the negative consequences of stress and their immune system—until it is too late. Some people can cope with stress better than others, while others take practical steps to reduce their stress each day to diminish its wear and tear

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