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Frequently Asked Questions

We’d love to be your partner along your journey towards vibrant health! Please review frequently asked questions listed below and feel free to contact our staff for any other questions via email or phone.

Commonly Asked Questions

We are located in Owasso, OK a suburb of Tulsa, OK but technology is pretty awesome and we are able to work remotely with many of our clients.  Bottom line you may never have to set foot in our office if that is your preference. 

It is not we don’t take insurance, insurance does not cover our approach.  The reality is that health insurance does not pay for health and that is what we do – we help people get their health back. 

Functional labs are typically not considered standard of care tests and therefore insurance does not pay for them. Functional labs look at body from multiple viewpoints to help us better understand the cause of your symptoms or health issues. We don’t guess- we test to know exactly where the issues are.

We offer all inclusive programs individualized to each person.  In our experience it is very hard to get to the root cause with a fragmented fee for service approach of – “Here are your labs, some handouts and see you in 3 months.” People get lost in between and we find most people, including us, truly want to get to the root cause.  Since  our approach is personalized to each person it will depend on the customization of your plan.  Once our practitioners have completed the functional evaluation to know everything involved in your plan of care you will know exactly what is involved with the finances.  Many of our clients appreciate the flexibility this can provide- we do offer payment plans.

Before we get to the evaluation though let’s do a FREE 15 min phone call to see if we are a good fit for each other!  If we are a good fit then the next step is the initial evaluation and it is $89.  You may add an evaluation for a spouse or household family member at the same time for an additional $49. 

If you are NOT an in-state resident, your wellness journey at Functional Nutrition Resources may be able to be done completely virtually. Please reach out to our office for state specific guidelines.

 Absolutely!  And we also work with men.

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