Heather Alexander, RDN

Heather earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science with an Option in Dietetics and an emphasis in Nutrition and Exercise from Oklahoma State University.

Heather received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and completed her dietetic internship at University of Central Oklahoma. Heather loves spending time with her husband Justin and their son Josiah, going to the zoo or being outside together.

She enjoys staying active with yoga. Heather enjoys being able to learn new protocols for helping others heal by doing continuing education with Institute for Functional Medicine and reading research articles. Heather understands the power of functional medicine as it has helped her heal digestive issues, restore adrenal health, replete nutrient deficiencies, and prevent autoimmune diseases.

She would not have been able to have a baby without using functional medicine to first regain her health. Heather enjoys the challenge of putting together the puzzle pieces of her clients’ health history and finding solutions to achieve optimal health and prevent lifelong issues so they can do pursue what they are passionate about in life.


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