Jennette Berry, RDN

Jennette is our lead functional medicine practitioner, owner and CEO of our practice. Along with her husband Amos, she founded Functional Nutrition Resources in 2011.

Jennette’s vision for Functional Nutrition Resources is that she and her team take a personalized approach to nutrition and health that recognizes the uniqueness of each person’s biochemistry. She is passionate about functional medicine and nutrition to eliminate symptoms by focusing on root cause resolution. She strongly believes in offering her clients answers, solutions, and a clear and structured journey back to health.

Because of Jennette’s unique approach to wellness, our practice has become known as the answer to the “why” among those suffering with chronic conditions relating to gut health, hormones and autoimmune diseases.

Jennette’s passion to begin her own practice arose after spending her early career in a hospital setting and being confronted with the broken system of health care that we today know as “sick care.” Jennette and her team strive to combat the “band aid” approach with the use of functional medicine and nutrition as an evidenced-based protocol that views the body as an interconnected whole. This personalized approach enables our team to empower our clients through education and by taking an active role in their own health.

In her spare time, Jennette likes to relax by practicing yoga and spending time in her flower garden. And on vacation you will most likely find her on a beach with a good book.

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