Your Health is Priceless: Experience the Difference with Functional Medicine

Everyone deserves to awaken to living a life filled with connection, joy and purpose.

Functional Nutrition

Understanding Your Symptoms through a Functional Medicine Lens

Are you struggling with unexplained symptoms that affect your quality of life?

Sluggishness | Exhaustion | Low Energy | Brain Fog | Joint Pain | Hair Loss | Bloating, Gassiness, Reflux, Constipation or Diarrhea | Weight Gain | Headaches | Sugar Cravings | Anxiety | Poor Sleep

At FNR, we don’t guess; we identify the root causes.

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Autoimmune Disease

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Digestive Issues

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Inflammation and Diabetes

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Thyroid and Hormones

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Stress, Sleep & Mood

Our health team guides you every step of the way, making changes based on your symptoms, history, and goals.

Functional Medicine Practitioners & Health Coaches

Our Philosophy

Where Health Meets Freedom and Purpose

Welcome to Functional Nutrition Resources, where we’re on a mission to transform your health, starting with the way you think about it.

We envision a world where everyone enjoys the freedom of good health, discovers their purpose, and feels a sense of belonging.

Our Unique Approach for Your Success

At Functional Nutrition Resources, our unique methodology has been refined over years of experience, leading our clients toward success and healing. We believe in the power of three critical elements that set us apart.

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Systematic Approach

Our comprehensive, step-by-step approach is the foundation of our success. We’ve developed five pillars, each tailored to your individual needs, creating a roadmap guided by cutting-edge Functional Lab Testing.

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Knowledge is empowerment, and at FNR, we’re passionate about eliminating the confusion of internet searching. Our ecosystem and culture of education provide you with the science and understanding you need in Functional Medicine and Nutrition.

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Coaching and strategy are the key to your health journey’s success. We blend sustainable lifestyle changes with clinical protocols and empower you with tools, education, and resources, while explaining the ‘why’ behind each step.

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Functional Medicine =  Transformation

Together we will identify root causes, support your health journey, and empower you to take control of your well-being. Our clients are both local and nation-wide as our team is equipped to support anyone who’s ready to transform their health and life.

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New Patient Program

Personalized approaches to address your unique health challenges from the start.

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Powerful Health Community

Stay on track with ongoing support, coaching, and resources.

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Strategic Supplementation

We offer tailored supplementation plans as apart of your specialized health program that will support your body’s unique needs.

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Our commitment to education empowers you with the knowledge to make informed health choices.

Join Our Health Community

At FNR, you’re not alone on
your health journey.
Join our vibrant community for valuable resources and support.

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Community Benefits

Get access to coaching tips, cooking classes, health workshops, delicious recipes, and unwavering support from our dedicated team and fellow members.

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Together, We Thrive

Together, we celebrate wins, find hope, and inspire each other to achieve better health.

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Your Path to Wellness

Embark on your journey to better health with Functional Nutrition Resources. We’ve carefully crafted a seamless three-step process to guide you towards your wellness goals.

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Step 1

Book Your Complimentary Discovery Call

Let’s start with a conversation. During this complimentary discovery call, we aim to understand you better. We’ll discuss your health concerns, experiences, and aspirations.

What to Expect:  A 15 to 20 minute personalized discussion to determine if an Initial Functional Evaluation aligns with your needs.

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Step 2

Initial Evaluation

Take the next step toward your wellness journey. In this one-on-one initial functional evaluation, you’ll meet with our dedicated provider team. We’ll dive deep into your current health situation.

Evaluation Options: Choose between an in-person or virtual evaluation.

What to Expect: A 60 minute functional evaluation to understand your symptoms and health goals. If we agree to work together, we will formulate a plan of action and kickstart your health journey.

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Step 3

Your Health Journey Begins

Your path to wellness commences on the day of your initial evaluation. You’ll receive a step-by-step plan, undergo functional labs, access educational resources, and receive coaching tailored to your unique goals.

What to Expect: Our hands-on approach has a proven track record. Our team engages you at every step, ensuring your active involvement in your journey towards optimal health.

100% of our clients who follow their unique health program reach their health goals.

Real Stories, Real Transformations

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear the real-life stories of individuals who’ve experienced remarkable transformations with FNR.

Before FNR, I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted, struggling with weight, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, and stress. I knew I needed to prioritize my health.” Initially interested in weight loss, FNR’s consultation showed me how various factors were affecting my health. Despite past weight loss success, I lacked confidence in maintaining it. FNR’s focus on the total person, a personalized plan, and coaching were deciding factors for me.
Now, I’ve lost weight and FEEL BETTER! My joint pain has reduced, I sleep better, and my energy and clarity have improved. I’ve eliminated three prescription medications. I’m still progressing, learning to stay on track towards better health.” 

-Cindy G.

“I had just been placed on high cholesterol medication, I was battling high blood pressure and put on medication for the past 15 years, and I was pre-diabetic. I was a little over weight, with a lot of pain issues. After FNR, I realized that being there for my wife, my adult kids, and their families was worth the cost of investing in my health. Now, it is paying off! I no longer need cholesterol medication, I am almost to the point of no longer needing blood pressure medication, and I have lost nearly 30 pounds! FNR really does care about you, and they put the time and effort into helping you by educating and positively coaching you.”

-Mike R.

Before FNR, my health was declining quickly and nothing worked. Now, I’ve never felt better. I’ve lost weight, my skin is clear, and my energy surpasses my childhood levels. My confidence has soared, and I enjoy life again, excited to continue with FNR for a long and happy future.

“I chose to work with FNR for many reasons:

  • Their personalized approach addresses my unique challenges.

  • They focus on overall health, not just diet or exercise.

  • Their team provides education, accountability, encouragement, and excellent communication.

  • The team’s education and commitment to a healthy lifestyle are impressive.

-Hannah H.

“Before FNR, I was always fatigued and just pushing through the days. My emotions and hormones were all over the place and uncontrollable. I’ve been a hairstylist for 17 years, and I was worried before seeing them that I was going to have to quit my job because of being so drained emotionally and physically.” “I feel like I have my life back! I’m gaining my energy back as well as my personality. I’ve had so many people comment on how much better I look and can tell I’m feeling better.” “I’ve always wanted to take a more holistic approach to my health. Their testimonials were tremendous. My husband was a little skeptical at first, just because of an investment in something he knew nothing about. But he was completely supportive of my decision and now tells everyone how well I’m doing.”

– Shelia S.

I was in constant, agonizing pain for over three years, completely exhausted and inflamed. My PCP said I was ‘just getting old.’ Now, my pain and inflammation has decreased by half. The FNR staff and program have been the best decision for my health. As an RN experienced with autoimmune diseases, after my Lupus diagnosis, I knew I needed a team. This program is step-by-step, tailored to you. The staff are incredibly supportive. I feel incredible now, living a healthy life with little effort. I am so thankful I found FNR!

– Lisa Fowler

Life before FNR was full of “chronic joint pain, inflammation, out of control carb cravings, weight control issues and hormonal imbalances.” But now, “ I feel like I’ve been given a gift. I started seeing improvement within a few weeks of starting my program. My joint pain has greatly subsided; my sugar cravings are all but gone. I lost 12 lbs. I sleep better than I have in years. I’m excited to see the possibilities in the next few months.” “When I was diagnosed with RA (40 years ago) there was nothing short of mega NSAIDS that could slow the pain and joint destruction of this auto immune disease. Drs gave me no hope except medications that had a lot of risky side effects. Through a lot of searching, I found Functional Nutrition Resources. They offered me a solution that gives me hope of a better future. They have a different approach and the whole team is so supportive.”

– Betty Tullis

Take The First Step On Your

Journey Back To Health

Do you have questions or need guidance? Our dedicated team is ready to provide the answers you need to determine if FNR is right for you.