What is Autoimmune Disease?

An autoimmune disease occurs when your immune system, which normally protects against viruses and harmful bacteria, becomes imbalanced due to factors like stress, food sensitivities, toxins, and illnesses. This can lead to the immune system attacking the body itself.

Experience relief from autoimmune symptoms and discover the root cause!

Experience relief from autoimmune symptoms and uncover the root cause with our help!

As a team who are deeply immersed in functional medicine, we see autoimmune disease as a result of an overburdened immune system that mistakenly targets healthy tissues. This complex condition demands specialized, personalized care, which we are committed to providing.

Ever wonder why the immune system becomes hypersensitive? It’s often overworked, fighting off various invaders like allergens, toxins, bacteria, and viruses. Everyday factors such as poor diet, environmental toxins, and gut issues add to this strain. A notable trigger is leaky gut, where damage to the intestinal lining allows toxins into the bloodstream, potentially leading to autoimmune diseases.

This heightened state of alert in the immune system can cause it to attack your own tissues and organs, impacting various body systems. Autoimmune diseases vary widely, with symptoms that range from depression and weight changes in thyroid disorders to digestive and neurological issues in Celiac Disease, and joint problems in rheumatoid arthritis.

Traditional treatments often depend on immune-suppressing medications, which are not only costly but may also fail to address the underlying causes of your autoimmunity.

Our Functional Medicine Approach

Our approach goes beyond just medication. We focus on identifying and treating the root causes, such as gut dysfunction and lifestyle factors. It involves comprehensive lab testing to understand your unique condition, followed by a customized plan that includes diet, stress management, natural medicines, and lifestyle adjustments. This holistic strategy is designed to restore and retrain your immune system, leading you towards vibrant health.

Our team is equipped with advanced methods to diagnose and treat autoimmune illnesses. Through detailed lab tests and a thorough discussion of your history and symptoms, we create an effective plan tailored for you. You can count on continuous support and guidance from us throughout your journey to wellness.

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