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Intro To The Health Awake Methodology

Our team at Functional Nutrition Resources, a functional medicine and nutrition practice in Tulsa, OK, takes a root cause approach to your health. We believe that you do not have to push through your health struggles and that you can absolutely break free and transform your health naturally. By focusing on “why” your symptoms manifest the way they do, we seek to identify the root cause behind your chronic disease – and take a comprehensive and systematic approach involving education, mentorship and support to empower you in your health and solve the root cause of your health issues.



Our Founder

Jennette Berry RDN, LDN is the founder and owner of our practice. Along with her husband Amos, she founded Functional Nutrition Resources, a functional medicine and nutrition clinic in Tulsa, OK in 2011 after watching her mom struggle for years with an undiagnosed autoimmune condition. Because of our unique approach to nutrition and wellness, our practice has become known for uncovering the “why” our clients are suffering with chronic conditions relating to gut health, hormones and autoimmune disease.

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Becky's Health Awake Success Story

Complete Health Awake Methodology

The Health Awake methodology is our step by step process to empower people to transform their health naturally.  Every person deserves to awaken to the possibility of living a life filled with joy and purpose.

The Three Critical Elements inside the Health Awake Methodology that allow our practice members to achieve success and healing.

Systematic Approach

Our comprehensive, step by step approach includes five pillars that are individualized to each person. These pillars are interdependent, and serve as a roadmap with the cutting edge data of Functional Lab Testing guiding each step. Testing helps us better understand the cause of your health issues but truly it is what we do with the testing that is so important. Nutrition, Gut Health, Detoxification, Stress/Hormonal Balance and Fitness are all part of our systematic approach.


An ecosystem and culture of education is a passion of the FNR team. We want to eliminate the overwhelm and confusion of internet searching and continue to empower you with the science and education inside of Functional Medicine and Nutrition. We have created foundational education, live online classes and a community to support you while strategically having personalized touch points throughout your journey.


Coaching and strategy are all provided throughout your health journey. We combine sustainable lifestyle changes with clinical protocols to create healing in your body. You are empowered through the process with the tools, education and resources to address the root cause and while understanding the why behind each step. Whether it is celebrating the wins, providing accountability or strategizing through obstacles we collaborate and work together the entire process.
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Are You Ready To Be the Next Success Story?


Book Your Complimentary Discovery Call
In this call we get to know you, discuss what your health concerns are and what you have been going through. We also want to understand your health goals and evaluate if an initial functional evaluation is right for you.


Initial Evaluation
One on one initial functional evaluation with our provider team. We will meet either in person or virtually for an in-depth evaluation to do a deep dive into your current health situation and decide together if we are the best fit to help get you to your health goals. If we are in agreement about working together we will put a plan of action together to get you started that day.


Your Health Awake Journey Begins
You will start the day of your initial evaluation with a step by step plan, functional labs, education, and coaching all tailored to your specific goals. Our team takes a unique hands on approach involving you in each step of your journey to your health destination.

Are You Ready To Be the Next Success Story?

Our Community Ambassadors

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