How To Find a Functional Medicine Doctor

How To Find a Functional Medicine Doctor

How To Find a Functional Medicine Doctor

Have you heard of functional medicine but are unsure how to find a doctor, or what it would mean to work with one? 

Functional medicine doctors look for the root cause of your problems instead of only treating your symptoms. This can be a huge relief for those seeing no progress from their other doctor’s treatment plan or those tired of being given medicine after medicine to treat symptoms that result from other drugs.

Whatever your reason for looking into functional medicine, the next step is finding a doctor near you.

This systems biology-based approach to wellbeing that focuses on the root cause of a disease can completely change your life, making healthcare something that genuinely improves your health instead of treating the symptoms with medicines that have a range of negative side effects. 

It’s important to note that a range of roles fit within functional medicine–including nutritionists, health coaches, and functional medicine practitioners. All of these roles can help improve your health, and the best clinics will combine the skills of practitioners and coaches to truly set you up for long-term success.  

Here are our top tips for those looking for a more individualized and patient-centered form of care through functional medicine:

1. Use An Online Database

There are various online databases that list functional medicine doctors, which you can narrow down by location.

These databases provide you with doctors near you, but you won’t want to choose a doctor at random without further research.

2. Try a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are an excellent resource for those looking for like-minded people, and they can also help you get a range of references with one query. Try looking for a group in your location that values holistic health, and then ask for recommendations for functional medicine doctors. If they are recommending their doctor, it’s because they had a good experience with them, and you are more likely to as well.

3. Online Research

The internet may have its pros and cons, but we think one of its best aspects is the ability to connect you with a functional medicine doctor. A simple search in an internet browser will yield a plethora of results. As you do your research, don’t forget to peruse functional medicine doctors’ websites, read reviews, and take advantage of free phone consultations.

What To Expect from A Functional Medicine Doctor

Once you have found a functional medicine doctor near you, it’s time for your initial appointment, which can help you decide if you want to stay with this doctor.

You want to look for a doctor who takes their time getting to know all the background information about your life, which will help them better understand the various factors that may be affecting your health.

Your doctor will likely run some blood tests (either during or before the appointment) along with other tests based on your symptoms.

Above all else, you want to leave your appointment feeling like your symptoms are finally being taken seriously, and your care team plans to do all they can to help improve your health. 

If you’re looking for a functional medicine doctor in Tulsa, OK, Functional Nutrition Resources is here to help you start (or continue) your journey into integrative medicine and get to the bottom of your health concerns.

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