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The Top 5 Functional Medicine Myths

The Top 5 Functional Medicine Myths

When it comes to health, most people automatically think of conventional medicine. However, people increasingly feel neglected and let down by an overloaded health system that primarily offers reactive health care and not proactive wellness. In fact, a survey shows that 38% of consumers have lost confidence in the healthcare system.


That’s why functional medicine is gaining popularity. Functional medicine provides individualized healthcare that empowers patients to become their own health advocates through nutrition, lifestyle, and medical treatment strategies. Though functional medicine uses the best of modern medical sciences and the body’s natural healing power, some functional medicine myths still keep people from breaking out of the mainstream healthcare system. 


We want to deliver some clarity on these myths about functional medicine so you can decide for yourself whether functional medicine is something you’d like to explore. 


Functional Medicine Myth #1: Functional Medicine Is Not “Real” Medicine

Many people believe the functional medicine myth that no alternative medicine is safe or regulated. But functional medicine doctors are just medical doctors with more training specialized in understanding the healing power of nutrition, hormones, and lifestyle changes. Functional medicine practitioners must undergo the same training, certification, and licensure as conventional practitioners. 


Functional Medicine Myth #2: Functional Medicine Doesn’t Use “Real” Science

One visit to our functional medicine office near Tulsa, OK, will reveal that the world of functional medicine leans heavily on the most current and sophisticated testing methods available. Aside from understanding your quality of life, lifestyle, and diet, we use cutting-edge testing and technology to show us what’s happening with your hormones, toxins, and other indicators so that we can give you a robust healthcare strategy framework. 


The reason that this functional medicine myth might be circulating is that functional medicine practitioners don’t go straight to medication and other common “treatments” used by conventional medicine. Instead, we work with patients to find the root cause of any illness and make lifestyle, hormone, and diet adjustments as a first-line treatment when appropriate.


Functional Medicine Myth #3: You Have to Make Drastic Changes for Functional Medicine to Work

Some type of change is almost always necessary for root-cause healing, which is what functional medicine aims for. However, your functional medicine practitioner will never act as “the boss.” That’s just a myth about functional medicine. In fact, they’re your teammate there to guide you. The two of you will co-create a healthcare strategy that’s in line with your health goals and your lifestyle. That means you’ll have a realistic action plan to help you succeed.


Functional Medicine Myth #4: Functional Medicine Is Too Expensive

Some patients are put off by the fact that some functional medicine doctors don’t take insurance. However, the idea that functional medicine is more expensive than conventional medicine is another functional medicine myth, and here’s why. 


Healthcare costs and group insurance plans are increasing in 2023. If one is using their group insurance to pay for healthcare that simply treats symptoms with medications (which often come with side effects), then they’re never healing their health issue at the root cause. Unhealed health issues often put a patient at heightened risk for additional health problems. 


What’s more, conventional healthcare makes its money by keeping you sick. If more people knew healthcare could treat the root cause and give them their lives back, the pharmaceutical companies would start to see a drop in their unfathomable profits.


When you think about the long-term costs, they really add up.


While you might pay more upfront when being treated by a functional medicine practitioner, you’ll be receiving healthcare that not only treats current health issues at the root cause but also gives you a game plan for lifelong vitality. That game plan is designed to fit your unique physiological and psychological attributes, which drastically increases the chance you’ll enjoy life for years to come.


Functional Medicine Myth #5: Functional Medicine Is Only for People with Chronic Conditions

It’s true that many of our patients call us because traditional healthcare providers have failed to help them with some type of chronic condition. But the idea that only those with chronic health issues can benefit from functional medicine is a myth. While functional medicine practitioners are well-equipped to relieve patients suffering from autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, and other debilitating issues, many people are turning to functional medicine as a primary care choice regardless of chronic conditions. 


It’s a wise call: With a personalized and proactive approach combined with state-of-the-art testing techniques, a visit to your local functional medicine practitioner can serve as an eye-opener to your health – and your own healing power!


Getting Started With Functional Medicine Near Tulsa, OK

Now that we’ve cleared up some of the most popular functional medicine myths, are you ready to experience the benefits of individualized medicine to reclaim vitality and proactively build your health? Our functional medicine clinic near Tulsa has helped patients like you overcome chronic health conditions, pain, fatigue, GI issues, brain fog, anxiety, and more. We’re passionate about putting the power back in your hands. To get started, book a free consultation today.

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